Logic Puzzles For Kids

Nov 20

Logic Puzzles For Kids - What Is Your Average? -

Susan, Peter, Wendy, David and Vivian just received their report card.  Each of them has a different average on their report card.  The average grade they received on their report card was: 92%, 85%, 81%, 80% and 90%.  Use the clues below to find out the average grade for each person.
1.    Susan’s average was lower than Vivian.
2.    David received the following score on his report card: 92, 95, 91, 90 and 92
3.    Wendy’s average was lower than Peter but higher than Vivian.

Nov 14

Logic Puzzles For Kids - What Is My Favorite Color? -

Tiffany, Diane, Eddie, Thomas and Sandy each like a different favorite color.  The colors are blue, white, green, purple and red.  Use the clues to find out each person’s favorite color.
1.    Eddie and Diane do not like green.
2.    Sandy’s favorite color does not have the same amount of letters as her name.
3.    Judy’s brother loves the color blue.
4.    Tiffany and Sandy’s favorite color is either purple or white.

Nov 11

Logic Puzzles For Kids - When Is My Birthday? -

Erica, Jacob, Calvin and Rachael are all born on the same year, but on a different month and day.  They were born on one of the following months: December, August, February and September.  They were born on one of the following days: 30, 8, 31 and 15.  Use the clues to find out which month and day each person is born on.
1.    One of the girls’ birthday is on August 8th.
2.    Rachael is older than Calvin
3.    She was born on the 31st day of the month.

Nov 09

Logic Puzzles For Kids - Snack Time -

Sophia, Paul, Eddie, June and Richard each brought a different snack and drink for snack time.  The different snack they brought was: Oreo, Cheez It, Ritz, Donut and Brownie.  The different drink was: Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Ice Tea, Fruit Punch and Lemonade.  Use the clues to find out which snack and drink each person had.
1.    The boy that sits in front of June did not drink apple juice.
2.    The girl that sits behind Richard had donut and lemonade.
3.    Sophia ate brownies while she watches Eddie drink ice tea.
4.    The boy that sits in front of Richard ate Ritz and drank fruit punch.
5.    The boy that sits behind Paul had Cheez It.

Nov 07

Logic Puzzles For Kids - My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor -

Tanya, Adam, Benjamin, Carlos and Sabrina each have a different favorite ice cream flavor.  Their favorite ice cream flavor: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, orange sherbet and pistachio.  Use the clues below to find out each person’s favorite ice cream flavor.
1.    Adam and Tanya’s favorite ice cream flavor is either pistachio or strawberry.
2.    Benjamin does not like orange sherbet.
3.    Tanya and Sabrina’s favorite ice cream flavor is either strawberry or vanilla.

Nov 05

Logic Puzzles - What Did You Buy For The Party? -

Nancy, William, Emily, Henry and Stephanie each have to buy something different for the party.  They were told to get the following: chips, candy, soda, cookies and a cake.  Find out what each person will be buying for the party.
1.    Either Emily or Stephanie brought candy for the party.
2.    She ordered the cake on Tuesday, and will pick up the cake on Friday.
3.    William did not buy chips for the party.
4.    Emily and Nancy brought the stuff for the party on Wednesday; one of them brought three bottles of Coca Cola.

Nov 04

Logic Puzzles For Kids - What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? -

Kenny, Eva, Melissa, June and Patrick was ask by their teacher” What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Each of the students wants to be someone different from one another when they grow up.  One want to be a doctor, one want to be a lawyer, one want to be a teacher, one want to be a singer and one want to be an artist.  Use the clues below to find out what each person want to be when they grow up.
1.    Kenny does not want to be an artist when he grows up.
2.    The girl that sits on the left side of June wants to be a teacher.
3.    None of the girls want to be a singer when they grow up.
4.    Eva sits next to the girl that wants to be a lawyer.
5.    The boy that sits on the right side of June wants to be an artist.
6.    The girl that sits next to Kenny wants to be a doctor.

Nov 02

Logic Puzzles For Kids - Parent Teacher Conference -

As Julian walked to his classroom with his mom he saw Andrew, Mindy, Anna, Wendy and David with their parent waiting to see the teacher.  The name of each of the student’s parent was Diane, Cindy, Ruby, Keith and Steven.  Use the clues to figure out each child’s parent’s name and the order they arrived from first to last.  
*Each child only came with one of their parent.  (Either mom or dad)
1.    Wendy and her dad came before Ruby and her son but after David.
2.    Steven and his son came after Diane.
3.    Mindy came after Andrew

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Nov 01

Logic Puzzles For Kids - What Did You Bring? -

Jessica, Kitty, Howard, Peter and Susan each brought something to school for the bake sale.  One brought in cup cakes, one brought in cheese cake, one brought in cookies, one brought in brownies and one brought in apple pie.  Use clues to find out what each student brought to the bake sale.


  1. None of the girls brought in cookies.
  2. Jessica is best friend with the girl that brought apple pie to the bake sale.
  3. Howard walked to school with the boy who brought in cheese cake.
  4. Kitty was not the one who brought in cup cakes or apple pie.

Download this worksheet for your child by visiting the blog.  Enjoy.

Oct 27

Logic Puzzles For Kids - 14 Who Won?

David, Cindy, Kevin and Lilly are playing the Trouble board game.  Let’s find out who got all their pawns in the finish area from first to last.


1.  A boy finished 3rd in the game.

2.  David finished the game before Cindy.

3.  Kevin was neither 2nd nor 3rd place.

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